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Driving in Vanuatu

Island Adventures

Our island is 140kms around and although that doesn’t sound like much but it really takes a couple of days of exploring to enjoy the best of it and see all the hidden gems. 2 to 3 hours of driving to get around and the rest of the day to enjoy! Check out our ‘Vanuatu’ tab for some highlight suggestions to help plan your road trip adventures.

Speed limits

The speed limit is 50km around town and 80km is the maximum in outer areas. Please take care and slow down when driving through villages and enjoy the smiles and waves. Explore, take it easy, take it slow. Paradise is not to be rushed. Enjoy the pace of Island time!

Local Conditions

Prepare yourself for an adventure! Our Vanuatu roads are unique. You will have to navigate pot holes, pedestrians, chickens, pigs, other drivers dodging pot holes with average road markings and signage. Public transport in Port Vila is mainly by small service buses and there are lots of them. Be aware the road conditions change rapidly with our heavy tropical rains.

4×4 Vehicles

It is highly recommended to hire a 4-wheel drive vehicle when adventuring around Efate Island and the ring road, if only for safety and comfort. The other up side of this is that you really can explore!

Left Hand Drive

Yes, we drive on the right-hand side of the road here. The driver is on the left of the vehicle and the passenger closest to the gutter. Majority of drivers are very friendly and will smile and wave and let you in when traffic is busy in town.

Drink Responsibly

We have a zero-alcohol, drug and kava tolerance driving policy. Insurance is null and void for drivers under the influence.
24hr Emergency Roadside Assistance
We offer 24hr emergency roadside assistance for peace of mind. Please don’t hesitate to call on 7726515 or 5526515, always here to help!

Driving in Vanuatu